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Woodworm season is upon us

anobium_punctatum. Common furniture beetle

As we are sure those in the trade will know this is now prime season for woodworm.
The pesky little blighters rear their ugly heads when they feel the warmth of the summer season.
The most common uk woodworm is the common furniture beetle or anobium punctatum if you want to give it its latin name.

What does woodworm look like
Each species looks distinctively different, the one we are talking about here starts life as a tiny worm or larvae, it changes from a worm to a beetle (a bit like a caterpillar to a butterfly) inside the timber and emerges as a flying beetle. The common furniture beetle is usually brown to blackish in colour up to 4mm in length and has wing casings on its back, here is a picture for reference but if in any doubt we would advise you to contact one of the specialist contractors listed on this site for a professional opinion.

How can you tell if woodworm is active
The beetle munches its way out of the wood and leaves a razor sharp edged hole, this is often accompanied by sawdust like frass. The hole is so sharp and thin on the edges that simply the atmosphere will erode the edges over a relatively short period of time. The trained eye can see these differences, but you have to remember, without an expensive laboratory test of the timber you cannot get a definitive answer and the diagnosis of active or inactive is down to the experience and opinion of the person inspecting the flight holes.

How long do woodworm live
The life cycle of these creatures is extremely varied, anything from around three to around eleven years, but fear not….. we have just the product to deal with them…..
Tritec 121 is a one hour re-entry product which is water soluble and can be brush, coarse spray or fogging machine applied.
Available from our shop in 25 litre mix cartons (one litre carton mixes with 24 litres of water and gives 25 litres of ready to use product. 25 litres is enough to treat a small semi detatched house (depending on method of application) and retails in our shop click here for the special offer price just £19.86 + VAT. Trade discounts are available – ask for details.

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August 20, 2014 |
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